Saturday, July 30, 2022



One of the more Morrison-esque outings in wild crossover matchups appears in the eight-part "Architects and Mortality" narrative in 2006's TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED. The main feature was a tedious revival of The Spectre, but the backup strip starred Doctor Thirteen, DC's resident skeptic of all things metaphenomenal. Writer Azzarello and artist Chiang then proceed to force the doctor and his daughter Traci (who conceals from him the fact that she can do magic) with a motley crew of odds-and-ends from DC history: Andrew "I, Vampire" Bennett, Anthro the cave-boy, Captain Fear (the ghost of a 17th-century Caribbean pirate), JEB Stuart and his Haunted Tank, a version of the Golden Age juvenile hero Genius Jones, and Infectious Lass, a toss-off concept who appeared in at least one Legion of Super-Heroes tale.

"Architects" boasts a few funny bits and nice art, but is not quite worth putting under the analyst's lens-- hence, its mention here.

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