Friday, January 13, 2017


Since I've just finished a long blogpost on one of the adventures of "white Indian" Firehair, it behooves to me to include a general post on the character here as well.

Unfortunately, though Firehair's three adventures in the DC title SHOWCASE display the sterling artistic talents of his creator Joe Kubert, the character never went on to more than a few scattershot appearances elsewhere. Firehair appeared in 1969, at a time when westerns were beginning to wear out their welcome in American comics (though they did continue to see publication a lot longer than many other formerly popular genres). Over time, the character was largely consigned to guest-shots in titles like SWAMP THING.

He's also the first "white Indian" I've surveyed here, in accordance with the rules I set down in this blogpost.  There was a 1940s heroine named "Firehair" as well, but she fails to qualify for a post here for the same reasons Tomahawk is disallowed.

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