Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Since my ruminations on a TOMAHAWK story got me onto this path, this is a logical group of characters to spotlight.

Tomahawk, though patterned upon the idea of the frontiersman who "knows Indians," doesn't qualify as any sort of "White Indian," given that he only receives his tribal training when he's a full-grown man. Interestingly, the Tomahawk origin-tale intimates that he might have a romance going with one of the tribe's girls, though nothing comes of this. Some twenty years later, that motif was picked up again by having the hero marry a woman named Moon Fawn, seen below bound to a cross with her white-looking son Hawk (the functional tough guy of the series) and her Indian-looking, abominably cute younger son Little Bear.

Here's Moon Fawn when she was a bit more of a looker.

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