Monday, March 14, 2016


A fairly dynamic cover is all TOMAHAWK #114 has to offer..

The interior plot and art are not nearly so provocative. While Tomahawk and his Rangers seek to thwart a British attempt to logjam a river and hinder the American supply-lines, the Americans encounter an unnamed, nine-foot-tall Indian chief, The two parties part, more or less in peace, except that when the Rangers blow up the logjam, the river-torrent strikes the chief in his canoe. He survives, but his hands are mangled. The British find the chief, and they stoke his rage against the Rangers by outfitting the Indian with iron hands-- at which point he takes his titular sobriquet.

Iron-Hands goes after the Rangers, and scores a victory over their strongman member Big Anvil. Tomahawk manages to defeat the chief with a trick, but because he spares the chief's life while those rotten British try to wipe out both the chief and the Rangers, the iron-handed red man makes peace with his former opponents, and is never seen again.

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