Saturday, March 5, 2016


I'm writing this at the same time that I re-examined the orientation of another of my marginal blogs, FEMMES FORMIDABLES.

OUROBOROS DREAMS has always been more of a catch-all blog than the two that receive most of my attention: THE ARCHETYPAL ARCHIVE and NATURALISTIC UNCANNY MARVELOUS  Sometimes OD has been a spot where I could post offhand remarks on my readings, without going into as much depth as I give my more formal AA essays. More recently I attempted to play around with the concept of crossovers, getting up to #57 before deciding that I really didn't have much to say about the others I'd planned to do.

As with FEMMES FORMIDABLES, I'm still casting about for some low-maintenance project that won't take a lot of time from my main blogs, but will keep OD from, er, flatlining.

My latest idea fot a project-- this time entirely related to comic books, comic strips, and cartoons-- may go the way of the crossover project when I get tired of it, but for now it seems like the way to go

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