Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Peripheral ROBIN BAILEY (right) acted in JANE AND THE LOST CITY with--

Primary SAM J. JONES of FLASH GORDON fame.


Primary BARBARA BAIN acted in an episode of GET SMART and did voice-work on BEN 10: OMNIVERSE.


Peripheral CONRAD BAIN acted in CHOMPS with--

Primary RED BUTTONS (left), who has one credit: the pilot film for WONDER WOMAN.


Peripheral JIMMY BAIO (left) acted in an episode of FANTASY ISLAND with--

Primary RICARDO MONTALBAN, aka "Khan" from the "Star Trek" episode SPACE SEED.


Peripheral SCOTT BAIO (left) acted in the same episode, also with MONTALBAN--

Whom this time I link to his work as the adversary (the Roarke-looking figure at left) of the first TV WONDER WOMAN.


Primary HARRY BAIRD (left), in addition to minor roles in a TARZAN and a SAMSON picture, got to be one of the headliners in both TAUR THE MIGHTY and its sequel-with-distorted-name THOR AND THE AMAZON WOMEN.


Primary RICHARD (or DICK) BAKALYAN registers a few credits on shows like BIONIC WOMAN and MONSTER SQUAD, but manages four separate roles on the 1966 BATMAN teleseries.

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