Thursday, March 30, 2017


The 2005 MONSTERS ON THE PROWL #1 wasn't the first time Marvel brought back its pre-hero giant monsters for a "mashup," or even the first time it combined "American kaiju" thrills with superhero action. But this was an interesting"blast from the past" anyway, choosing to unleash a bunch of Marvel titans on New York during the 1960s, to take on the Thing, the Hulk, Beast of the X-Men, and Giant-Man. (The last two are given very loose "monstrous" status by the story, but it's at least fun to see Giant-Man practice wrestling-holds on Gargantus.)

Other named monsters include Tragg, Taboo, Droom, Fin Fang Foom, Vandoom, Rommbu, Groot, and Grottu-- but not, in an unforgivable omisison, "Gruto." Dang, I could have really got behind a teaming of "Groot, Grottu and Gruto."

Still, it's odd to realize that even though Marvel imitated the tradition of "monsters with names" seen in such 1950s films as GODZILLA and RODAN, they don't seem to have had any of their own big critters cross one another's paths back in the day. Perhaps it's because the Marvel monster-craze died out before Toho Studios started crossing over their own big beasties with 1964's GHIDRAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER??

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