Saturday, November 5, 2016


I haven't entirely forgotten the "Real Americans" project, but I don't imagine I'll touch on it more than occasionally in between other ideas.

I've done a short write-up of the eight-issue TIMESPIRITS series from 1984 here, so I won't repeat here any explanations of the series' concept. I will note that this was one of the few fantasy-series in which the two main protagonists were both Native Americans. Cusick, the older, wiser head of the two, has a charming insouciance, and Doot, while a little too much the "earnest young man," has a few bright character-moments, particularly when he bonds with a baby dinosaur.

Had the stories featured a less freewheeling approach to the material, this might have been among the best of the "Real American" features in comics books.

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