Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I feel like noting that although I said early on that I'd be culling my alphabetical references from a particular film reference book, I'm being fairly selective, concentrating on actors who had fairly significant roles or can be linked to such actors. I still think the project could work on just about any actor who'd been in some wide-release metaphenomenal projects.


Peripheral ANA ALEXANDER acted in 2009's LAND OF THE LOST with--



Peripheral TERRY ALEXANDER (left) acted in 1985's DAY OF THE DEAD with--

Primary SHERMAN HOWARD (right), who played Luthor in the 1989 SUPERBOY teleseries as well as voicing several animated super-types.


Primary KRISTIAN ALFONSO (not shown) acted in the very cheap time-travel adventure OUT OF TIME (1988)


Primary ANA ALICIA played "Felina" in an episode of BUCK ROGERS, among other TV work.


Peripheral LISA ALIFF acted in PLAYROOM with--

Primary ARON EISENBERG, best known as "Nog" on STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE,


Peripheral ELIZABETH ALLAN (right) acted in MARK OF THE VAMPIRE with--

Primary BELA LUGOSI (left), known for several relevant roles, beginning with the evil Roxor in CHANDU THE MAGICIAN.


Primary LOUISE ALBRITTON enjoyed just one relevant role in an episode of the British INVISIBLE MAN series.


Primary BARBARA JO ALLEN  voiced the fairy "Fauna" in SLEEPING BEAUTY.

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