Saturday, March 15, 2014


In November 2012 I launched a blog entitled THE FANTASY FANE-- a pun-no-one-would-get, based on the name of an early science fiction fanzine edited by Jerry Siegel, THE FANTASY FAN.

At the time I had it in mind to devote the blog entirely to the topic of magical fantasy, since that's what I've most often written in the arena of fiction. FANTASY FANE would have been a site to set down my opinions or observations about that particular genre of what some call "the fantastic" and what I term "the metaphenomenal."

This might have worked out fine, if my circumstances were such that I could only read magical fantasy.  But as I've mentioned on my blog ARCHETYPAL ARCHIVE, I'm involved in a grandiose personal project that involves my constant examination of many genres of the metaphenomenal-- science fiction, horror, superheroes, or even cartoon fantasy.

Bottom line: I want OUROBOROS DREAMS to reflect my opinions and observations in all of these genres.  My contributions to FANTASY FANE always remained sporadic precisely because I couldn't find time to concentrate only on subjects relating to magical fantasy.

So my current game plan is to transfer to this blog all of the essays relevant to this current project.  Then I'll either delete or abandon THE FANTASY FANE (I lean toward the former).

Whether this blog receives any more readers than the other one, its greater compass will make it easier for me to update.

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